Saturday, October 27, 2007

Meet Penelope, Hermione's Little Sister

"Little" in the sense of "younger," that is.

You remember Hermione, of course. Hermione is actively involved in the maintenance of this blog, though she prefers to keep a low profile. Well, we are proud to inform you that this afternoon, Hermione acquired a sister.

It went like this. I was insomniac last night, and in order to keep from waking Winnifred, I propped myself up in the armchair in the living room (where we also have the office). I was trying to read but found myself disturbed by a quite insistent noise coming out of Winnifred's computer. This morning, when Winnifred emerged, pink and well-rested, from the bedroom, I mentioned the strange noise to her. She investigated. It turned out that noise was the death-rattle. Her computer was beyond help.

I caught a quick nap while Winnifred performed last rites over the dead computer. When I got up, we went out to look at computers available for adoption. We pretty quickly settled on Penelope. I mean, she was just so perfectly proportioned. Now we have a full weekend ahead of us while Win loads her up; and after that we can expect several weeks of tinkering before it all dies down.