Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Meet Hermione (Yiddish name Henye)

I left my desktop computer with a friend in New York and have been borrowing Winnifred's second best computer for the nonce, but the reality is, I don't like Macs. I know, God will strike me dead, but I just had to say it. In spite of everything about the Evil Empire and its hideous buggy programs that they release with major security flaws and then later say, oh, just download the patch, then the patch makes half your other programs stop working, and that's assuming you haven't gotten a virus in the meantime... um, where was I? Right, no big fan of MicroSoft or anything, I just find PCs easier to use. I mean, how do they get by with only one mouse button? And I really don't need the computer to be so simple to use that I have no control over it. I'd rather have it complicated and flexible. Long story short: yesterday we went out, plunked down the old credit card and bought me this lovely Toshiba. Isn't she beautiful? Winnifred chose her English name, from which I deduced her Yiddish name.

We did take care of the major issues first (installing software, including various patches to the brand new operating system), which is to say, I made a list of what I wanted and Winnifred did it, but by late last night we were ready to try the built-in webcam. Here we are trying it.

I didn't realize that the touchpad was so sensitive, so I kept taking pictures by mistake when my hand hovered over the left-click for an instant. We kept getting these reaction shots to the pictures, then reactions to the reactions, and so on.

Finally, gasping for breath, I lifted my hands off the keyboard, which is the only reason this madness ever came to an end.

Tomorrow: videos.

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the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

This reminds me of the time I was once at The Robber Bridegroom's place and I was laughing at something, and when I stopped, I heard Woody (his cockatiel) perfectly imitating the sound of me laughing, which was so funny (I mean that bird was spot on) that I had to keep laughing, which made Woody imitate me even more. hu-ha!