Monday, October 1, 2007

Over the weekend I joined Facebook. I had actually been resisting this because I spend so much of my personal time blogging, maintaining a web site, another web site, and another web site, in addition to the work time I spend populating online content and contributing to my class blog; so I thought, give this one a miss, Faith. Be sensible.

It's all Juliet's fault, really. Her and the Littwomen. The social pressure was unbearable. I caved. And what did I discover? That I have 32 "friends." That I can have a virtual garden that requires no care at all because my friends do all the gardening. That people I haven't seen in ten years are happy to send me messages via Facebook when I'm quite sure an email wouldn't raise much of a response. (Is it the picture in my profile? Does it remind them that they like me?)

And then today on my igoogle home page, the feed from wikihow was "How to Quit Facebook." I felt strangely attacked. But I just joined! I can't quit yet! Not until I've given myself carpal tunnel and spent god-knows-how-many hours during the meat of the semester avoiding marking!

We'll see how this all works out. I'll keep you posted. Juliet will be called to account if my right arm falls off.

Unrelated picture, above, by you know who. Hens and chicks courtesy Shirley and Lachlan, who are also on Facebook. Damn it, did everyone jump on this bandwagon before me?


Juliet said...

Uh oh, you linked to that article about prog rock! Don't you know that there's a misplaced comma in there that has been driving me crazy for ages?

javier hernandez-miyares said...

i love prog rock. send juliet to my blog.