Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallowe'en in the Library

My student employees come prepared. Hallowe'en fell on a work day, so they came with costumes that could easily be stuck on for running around the library on their break scaring their friends. I had not thought about the fact that I was wearing a highly-appropriate black sweater--the sleeves are narrow but bell out a la Morticia--but the students did and thoughtfully suggested I borrow the white wig and witch's hat for my own transformation. Which lasted just long enough to take the picture.

You gotta love a workplace where the Associate University Librarian carves a pumpkin for the office. I was impressed by the Christmas lights he strung through it--they blinked and thus made a good imitation of a candle, but respect safety rules about open flames. I don't know who brought in the TimBits, but I managed to down quite a few of them while making photocopies, so thanks!

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