Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weekly Food Allowance

Given that we didn't set out to write a food blog, I've decided to limit our blogging about it to once a week. Once a week shows a healthy appreciation of the importance of food in our lives to provide nourishment, enjoyment, and sociability. More than that might mean we lack other interests, have little imagination, or are only able to experience culture via the stomach.

We haven't actually experienced that much non-stomach culture since we got here, but we've been unpacking, okay? And on that topic, since we have been quite busy these past few weeks, it's good Vancouver now sports a phenomenon that did not exist when we left it in 2000: the Indian fast-food place.

It used to be that Indian food in Vancouver was expensive and an all-evening affair, which was great but obviously could not be done frequently. I often wondered why Chinese food could be had at any band in the economic spectrum, but not Indian food. The curry take-away is a British staple. Why not us, God? I used to plead. God seemed to be ignoring me just because I don't believe in him/her.

Yesterday body and mind were both fed robust, stimulating meals in the Oakridge neighbourhood of south Vancouver. I started the day by meeting my new Yiddish study partner in the library at the Peretz Centre. I was meant to be helping him improve his Yiddish, but as usually happens, I learned more than I imparted. Afterwards, I went across the street to the Oakridge Mall, and found Curry Express where none used to be. Huzzah! Next time I'll know to get the one-curry special for $4.95 instead of the two-curry special for $6.95. So much food! Delicious, cheap, filling: one of you Believers has been petitioning God while I was away, haven't you?

There were no pickets at the Oakridge Library, so did my shopping on Commercial Drive and walked by Britannia to sign their petition. Vancouverites: please stop by a library and sign the petition. As you know if you've been paying attention, Librarians Fix Everything. Which makes it doubly horrible that they are being treated so badly by the city. Since this is our weekly food round-up, I should probably mention that getting enough to eat can be a struggle for those who haven't had income for a month: contact CUPE 391 to make a donation to the hardship fund.

Then came home to discover the SFU library calling. Why was the SFU library calling? Why, to offer me a job, of course. So now my "To Do" list reads:
  • donate to CUPE 391 hardship fund out of first paycheque
  • get haircut
  • find ride to SFU
  • find decent food on campus
Unrelated picture below, by Winnifred, of some of our neighbours resting while shopping in Chinatown earlier this week.


LightInk said...

So I spent the evening reading ALL your posts since your arrival in the land to the north, and W's food pictures are making me hungry.

I trust, despite your triumph of worthy employment, you will not abandon your tales of ruby fruits and prickly casings. If eyes could taste, I would be deliriously full.


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Mamun said...

Keep blogging away, it is a great outlet and at the very least will help you capture your food memories .

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