Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Orthography That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Questions have been asked. Remarks have been passed. How can it be, our American friends are asking, that we have embraced Canadian Spelling with such alacrity, barely waiting to get over the border before reverting to centre and cheque. Even the spell check on this blog thinks they're wrong. Surely, you think, the years we spent pronouncing the last letter of the alphabet "zee" count for something?

The time has come for complete openness. I never believed in that "zee." I only said it to fit in. The truth is, in my heart a "neighborhood" was never as friendly a place as a "neighbourhood." A "color" is to me a pale imitation of a "colour." For seven years, I lived a lie. My spelling is Canadian, and always will be.

Unrelated picture, above, by Winnifred. Most of the pictures on this blog are and probably will continue to be. We may occasionally prevail on her to add a word or two.


Javier Hernandez-Miyares said...

you have also reverted to using wilde instead of wild.

FJ said...

When I start working again, I'll be able to use the *catalogue*. I can't wait.

jen said...

faithe, you're so fancy!