Friday, August 17, 2007

Scoffer to Addict in 24 Hours

Today's trip was to SFU with my mum, and we found ourselves in the middle of an anime event of some kind. There were many capes and swords in evidence. I could not fathom the meaning of this scene, in which two young women appear to be to be buying some fish. They don't seem big enough to eat (the fish, I mean) and they seemed to be arguing with the young man (the women, I mean) about either the quality or the quantity of fish they were getting and kept making the young man empty the plastic bag and scoop up new ones.

Getting into the car this grasshopper-like cutie was hanging out on the back windscreen.

Later we found him on the front windscreen while we were driving. Wonder why he liked my mum's car so much?

And then I noticed a yellow ladybug on the window beside me, and thought I could get a shot of its lovely dottiness by gingerly lowering the window a smidge, sticking the camera phone out the window and shooting back in. But all I got was me with a fuzzy blob. I suspect it of being a Multi-Coloured Asian Lady Beetle, but with this photographic evidence it's going to be hard to prove one way or another.

But of course the most galling thing about the whole day was realizing that I love my camera phone. I mean, do you care about that grasshopper thing? I don't even care about that grasshopper thing. But there it was, and there I was, and there my camera phone was. Stop me, before I shoot again.

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