Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Talented Friends

Not sure if I remembered to mention that my sister is now a published children's author. Her book, appropriate for 6 to 8 year olds, is called Theodora Bear and can be ordered through,,, and from the publisher. Congratulations are accepted at any time. [Librarians and bookstores: it is also in Baker & Taylor.]

While I'm waiting for your congratulations (and book orders) to come pouring in, I thought I'd send out a few congratulations of my own.

Three of our New York friends have great music web sites to check out. Faron recently posted some of his drum solos online. About the time I was getting to know Faron, when he was 9, he got his first drum kit. Now he gets gigs. Life is so confusing that way. Unknown to Faron, across the city in Queens is JHM, who has an entrancing, evocative style on guitar and vocals. You can hear some of his tracks (like this one) on his sophisticated, arty blog.

Meanwhile, electro-groove fans should take a gander at Shoshke-Rayzl's web site. Shosh is a huge inspiration to me: smart, gorgeous, she speaks a mouth-watering Poylish Yiddish, and far from resting on these laurels, she's doing all the things she wishes she'd done when she was a teenager. "You see, you really don't have to grow up," she told me once. Wish I'd listened much sooner, but I'm doing my best now to be half as awesome as she is.

The New York Wanderer, Ben Feldman, branched out recently with the publication of his first book. Butchery on Bond Street is hot off the presses, and fascinating. The New York Times said Ben "brings the texture of 19th-century New York to life in a tale punctuated by cameos and full-fledged appearances by, among others, A. Oakey Hall, the Tammany crony who prosecuted the case and would become mayor."

We've also got a million klezmer and Yiddish buddies with CDs and books out. Two that are coming soon are Wex's new language primer for people with a sense of humour; and Anita's long-awaited book on Yiddish culture in post-war America.

Unrelated picture above by Winnifred. Now go out and buy Theodora Bear.


Javier Hernandez-Miyares said...

congrats to your sister. i am going to order the book and give it to my ex who in september begins teaching elementary school. last week she rummaged through my closets, and took all of our daughter's picture books. by the way, thanks for the plug.

FJ said...

JHM: make sure your ex-partner knows she can download some teaching materials on T-Bear from the web site:
And congrats to her on her new career. Hope your daughter wasn't emotionally attached to any of those picture books! I remember saving one called "Nothing Ever Happens on My Block" until I was literally an adult. My sister finally gave it to a child she knew, and we had one last sentimental read through it together before she took it away.

Javier Hernandez-Miyares said...

that is so sweet, your attachment to that book. good that it was passed to the next generation. it is in the act of giving that we feel real.